Music Instrument Store in Woodward, OK

Instead of looking for musical instruments online or through exchange programs, bring your search to Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer. We’re proud to be your destination music instrument store in Woodward, Fargo, Mooreland, and Woodward County, OK, bringing you a full range of guitars and amplification products to fulfill your musical needs.

Our Products

Our guitar store in Woodward, OK offers musicians a full selection of different stock instruments, as well as all of the accessories they need to make the music they love. Some of the products we stock include:



Whether you fancy yourself a bass player or you long to riff on an electric guitar, we’re here to put the axe in your hands. We have models for all types of players, of any age, of any experience level.


Come to our music instrument store for guitar strings, picks, tuning supplies, sheet music, cables, pedals and anything else you need to play your guitar. Our knowledgeable team can help you get the accessories that are ideal for you.


Our selection of amps and decks gives you the ability to pump up your sound to a whole new level. From practice amps to show-ready stacks, we’ll hook you up with the sound system that’s right for you.


Not much of a guitar player? Tickle the ivories of an electronic keyboard and see if that speaks to you! We have keyboards in stock and will gladly go over your options with you in detail.


Looking for an instrument or accessory that’s not on our shelves or present in our guitar store? No problem! Tell us what you’re in the market for and we can order it for you without delay. We take pride in meeting your musical needs, whatever they may be.

Music Instrument Store

Instrument Brands

Having the right brand-name instrument or accessory can make all the difference in the quality of the sound you’re putting out. That’s why we only stock quality products from brands like Washburn, Supro, Randall, Vintage, Epiphone, Roland and many more!

Discover Your Talent in Woodward, OK

If you’re ready to dive headfirst into the world of music and take up your own instrument, contact us or stop into our music instrument store today. Our selection lets you browse and discover the instruments, phone accessories, and computer printers that are right for you, so stop by now.