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Computer Printers
Whether for work or your personal enjoyment, having the right computer makes all the difference. Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer is here to help business professionals, graphic artists, gamers, video buffs, college kids and more find the computers that are right for them. We have a full selection of computers and computer accessories in Woodward, Fargo, Mooreland, and Woodward County, OK to choose from, ready to pair options and features with your needs.

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Computer Accessories


Whether you’re building a workstation or setting up the ultimate gaming rig, we’re the premier destination to shop for PCs. Our models come with a variety of different specs, from HD size to RAM, processing power to connectivity capabilities and beyond.

Computer Accessories


Need to get work done on-the-go? Check us out for some of the best laptops available. We’ll help you get the screen size and computing power that meets your needs, and can help you get set up for whatever you’re looking to use your laptop for.

Computer Accessories


Tablets are a great choice for quick computing, entertainment and a whole lot more. If you’re ready to leave your desktop behind, pick up a tablet from our store. We’ll help guide you on brand, size, features and specs.

Computer Printers

Computer Printers

From photo printers to scanner-computer printers, there’s no better place to start looking for your ideal printer. With numerous options from reputable brands, it’s easy to get the computer printers you need at a price that’s right.

Tablets and Computer Accessories

When picking out a new computer, you want the peace of mind that comes with a reputable brand. Our selection includes fan-favorites and trusted manufacturers, giving you options you can have confidence in choosing from. Stop in and see computer and tablet options from Asus, Lenovo and HP, as well as printers and computer accessories from Cannon, SanDisk, Logitech, Linksys, Brother, APC, Trip-Light and more.

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Stop by in Woodward, OK today to browse our selection. Contact our knowledgeable service reps and tell us what kinds of features and specs you’re looking for and we’ll make sure to point you in the right direction for computers, sound systems, music instruments, and more!