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Celebrating Keyboard Wizards of the Past

July 16, 2021 9:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

First there was the harpsichord, then came the piano, and eventually technology evolved to the point where the keyboard could make electronic sounds limited only by the imagination. Keyboard players became synth players, tapping into a whole new level of creativity. Let’s take a look at some of the keyboard wizards of the past and celebrate some of the greatest synth players of all time. Rick Wakeman It’s impossible to have a discussion about keyboard players (especially about the greatest synth players of all time) and not mention Rick Wakeman. The Yes keyboard master is a polarizing figure—you either love... View Article

Choosing the Right Size Ukulele for You

April 2, 2020 12:06 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Ukuleles have been steadily maintaining another surge in popularity for the last 10 to 20 years, but they’ve enjoyed several resurgences over the previous 130 years or so. This four-stringed instrument has its roots in both European and Hawaiian cultures, and has enjoyed alternating popularity and shunning within the pop music community for decades. You might associate it with Hawaiian luaus or twee characters played by Zooey Deschanel, but it’s a popular—and fun—instrument to learn, whether you’re a seasoned guitar player or a total musical newbie. Read on to learn how to choose the right size ukulele for you, and... View Article

Reasons to Dive Into a New Instrument This Summer

July 19, 2019 1:55 am Published by Leave your thoughts

There are many benefits of learning to play a musical instrument. Perhaps you already play one, or perhaps it’s something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do. Well, why wait another moment? Carve out some time in your schedule and take up a new instrument this summer! Here are just a few of the biggest reasons why you should consider getting acquainted with a musical instrument: It can be a great source of stress relief: Music is undeniably an excellent source of stress relief. There have been studies that show playing music helps to lower a person’s heart rate... View Article

A Gift Guide from Your Music Instrument Store in Woodward, OK

November 21, 2018 3:25 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Wondering what to get everyone on your list this year? Music makes a wonderful gift! Your music instrument store in Woodward, OK offers the following guide to help you with your shopping this season. Consider these great gift ideas as you make your list and check it twice. We offer some tips to create a memorable present they will cherish for a lifetime: Guitar accessories: Is there anyone on your “nice” list who plays the guitar? The right accessories can enhance their playing experience. Consider giving them new guitar strings, especially if you know they’ve experienced string damage. One broken... View Article