What Cell Phone Signal Booster Is Best for Me?

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It can feel like you’re living in the Stone Age any time you’re in an area with poor cell phone service. Instead of walking around trying to find a spot where you get some service, we recommend installing a signal booster in your home, office, vehicle or anywhere else where you typically have spotty coverage.

Because there are so many models on the market, choosing a booster isn’t the easiest process in the world. Continue reading to learn how to choose the best cell phone signal booster for your needs.

Midsize homes and offices

If you live in a midsize home or work in a medium-sized office and have a strong signal outside but a weak signal inside, we recommend the weBoost Home MultiRoom. This booster covers up to 5,000 square feet if outdoor service is perfect. The model is sleek and easy to install yourself, and the powerful antenna can reach faraway cell phone towers with ease.

Small homes

The SureCall Fusion4Home is the best cell phone signal booster if you live in a smaller home and only need spot coverage. This is another system that’s easy to install yourself and provides plenty of indoor coverage if you get a strong signal outside of your house.

Large homes and offices

A larger building will need a more powerful booster, especially if the signal is weak outdoors. For those customers, we recommend the weBoost Installed Home Complete, which is designed to cover up to 7,000 square feet. This cell phone signal booster must be professionally installed, which does add to the cost, but you can rest easy knowing it’ll be the only signal booster you ever need.

An option for the DIY-ers out there is the Cel-Fi GO X. It’s the most powerful booster on the market, but it does have its limitations. This model is a single-carrier booster, meaning it can only boost the signal for one carrier at a time.

Commercial buildings

For coverage across a large warehouse or commercial facility, your best bet is the WilsonPro Enterprise 4300. This industrial-strength booster covers up to 100,000 square feet and can cover multiple carriers. The unit has four outdoor antenna ports, providing the maximum boost for everyone in the building.


Consistent, reliable service is also required outside of the home and office. For cars, trucks, SUVs and even boats, take a look at the SureCall N-Range 2.0. This signal booster has a cradle to hold your phone and is twice as powerful as its competition.


If you’re going on a family camping trip in your RV and want complete cell signal throughout your trip, consider the weBoost Destination RV. As the name implies, it’s designed specifically for campers and RVs. The only downside is that it cannot be used while driving.

Let us install your cell phone booster

Regardless of which cell phone signal booster you choose, hire us to install it for you. Our pros at Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer have years of experience installing boosters, so you can rest easy knowing yours will work perfectly.

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