What Is a Wireless Bridge?

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You may have heard of a wireless bridge as an option to connect to the internet. But what is a wireless bridge? A wireless bridge is an internet connectivity option for areas that do not have cable or other existing telecom lines to connect to.

Here is some information about wireless bridges, including how they work and some of the functions that they serve.

How does a wireless bridge work?

A wireless bridge works by connecting two LAN (local area network) segments together using microwave or infrared transmission. This is often done using tall antennae to send and receive the transmissions.

This can be used over long distances or inside a building. For long-distance transmission, a line of sight is required between the transmission towers. This type of transmission is directional.

Indoor wireless bridges do not require a line of sight. These are often referred to as wi-fi bridges. These can be designed to connect to multiple devices or just one device. This functions similarly to a standard wi-fi network, which is why it does not require a line of sight. It can be set up just about anywhere to transmit data to another wi-fi bridge or other type of network access point.

Functions of wireless bridges

A wireless bridge can serve a couple different functions. One function is that it can be used to provide wireless internet service across buildings or to areas where laying cable or leasing existing telecom lines is not an option. Another function of a wireless bridge is that it can be used to secure a local wireless network when accessing the internet through a public wi-fi hotspot.

To use a wireless bridge to secure a public hotspot for use as a local wi-fi network will require connecting the wireless bridge to the WAN (wide area network) port of a wireless router. The bridge then functions as the gateway between the public, unencrypted wi-fi hotspot and your private, encrypted network.

A wi-fi bridge for indoor use is often used to connect wired machines, like desktop computers or printers, to a wireless network. In this scenario, a wireless bridge is connected wirelessly to the network, and machines are hardwired to the bridge to access the network.

A wi-fi bridge can be used as a way to extend the wi-fi coverage in your home or business as well. In this setup, it will function like a wi-fi extender, with the bridge serving as the extender that is connected to your wireless router. Remember, your internet service comes in at one access point into the modem. From there, the modem is connected to the wireless router, and the signal is broadcast throughout your house. Oftentimes, the modem and the router can be housed in a single unit for ease of use and setup.

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