Major Differences Between Guitar Amps and Bass Amps

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Both new and experienced musicians might find themselves wondering, what’s the difference between a bass amplifier and a guitar amplifier? They’re both amps, right? Why shouldn’t you be able to use an electric guitar with a bass amp, or vice versa?

Well, there are actually many reasons for this. Bass and guitar amps have major differences when it comes to wattage, speaker size and more. It’s good to understand these differences so you don’t accidentally plug your electric bass into a guitar amp one day and blow the speakers.

More on guitar amps

There are many different types of guitar amplifiers that range in size, design and wattage. When looking to get the loudest sound and most wattage, many guitar players opt for a large speaker cabinet and amp head. You can usually buy these components as two separate pieces or a pair. The speaker cabinets are where the actual sound comes out, while the amp head controls settings like volume, treble, bass and more.

The other type of guitar amp many players prefer is a combo amp. As the name suggests, a combo amp combines the elements of a speaker cabinet and amp head. These types of amps are usually much smaller than a speaker cabinet with an amp head, making them much easier to bring to gigs and other events.

There are so many different options for guitar amplifiers out there, so choosing the right one can take some time. Popular guitar amp brands include Marshall, Orange, Fender and more. One way to decide on the right guitar amp is by visiting a store and trying out the amps for yourself.

More on bass amps

Like guitar amps, bass amps are available in two forms. You could either buy a large speaker cabinet and amp head, or a combo amp. Each type of bass amp has its advantages and disadvantages. Speaker cabinets with amp heads usually offer a more powerful sound than combo amps. However, lugging speaker cabinets around and finding space for them can be difficult.

Combo bass amps are easy to carry, and you could easily find a model that gets almost as loud as speaker cabinets. These amps are also usually the most cost-effective option.

You’ll find many different options when it comes to bass amps, but it’s important to choose the one you like best. There are plenty of bass amp brands that are known for putting out quality products, including Orange and Roland.

Their main differences

As mentioned above, wattage and speaker size are a few of the main differences between guitar and bass amps. For the most part, a bass amp will feature a higher wattage, sometimes reaching over 500 watts. Comparatively, the wattage on guitar amps won’t usually go higher than 100 watts. Bass amps also have larger speakers to support the deep tones of a bass guitar.

Now that you know some of the differences between guitar and bass amplifiers, go out and pick the right one for your instrument. Be sure to check out all the great products we have at Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer!

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