Five Helpful Laser Printer Repair Tips

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Just because your laser printer has stopped working doesn’t mean you’ll have to buy a brand new one. It may just need some quick repairs, which may even be relatively simple to do on your own. This can all depend on the type of laser printer issue you’re experiencing. Is your printer jammed? Is it producing pages with smeared ink? Have some parts of the page been left blank? Different laser printer issues require different solutions.

Check out the laser printer repair tips below and see if they help improve the performance of the printer in your Woodward, OK home or office. If you end up having to purchase a new printer, get one that’s built to last. A local computer repair service could recommend a laser printer that will meet all your needs.

Printer jams

Printer jams are a common issue, and can usually be remedied by reloading the paper. If printer jams persist after reloading, however, there could be an issue with the paper you’re using. Some types of paper are too heavy or too light for certain printers. With most printers, it’s easy to check their paper requirements, so be sure you’re purchasing the right kind of paper.

When reloading paper, be sure it’s aligned correctly and isn’t bent in places. It’s also important that you don’t overfill the paper tray.

Pages that are blank or covered in black lines

If pages are coming out of your printer completely blank or with horizontal black lines, it’s likely your toner is running low. Before purchasing a new toner cartridge, though, check and make sure there’s nothing blocking it. Sometimes, people forget to remove the tape that seals an ink cartridge, for example. In certain cases, there could be something wrong with the particular ink cartridge you purchased.

Specific parts of the page left blank

It could still mean you need a new ink cartridge if only certain parts of your document are left blank upon printing. Sometimes, there could be parts of a document that are too complex for a printer to print correctly. Try making these parts of your document a bit simpler and see if that helps. Upgrading the memory on your printer might help as well.

Smeared ink

Good printer ink shouldn’t smear when touched. If your printer ink is smearing, there could be a problem with the ink cartridge. Some people recommend removing the cartridge and giving it a slight shake. This could cause a mess, so be careful. In most cases, you’ll probably want to replace the ink cartridge altogether.

The document isn’t printing

If your document isn’t printing at all, try turning the printer off and on again. Sometimes all the printer needs is a quick reboot. Be sure to also double-check that the correct printer received your document. Choosing the wrong printer is a common issue in offices with multiple printers.

Hopefully, these laser printer repair tips help remedy any issues experienced by the printer in your Woodward, OK home or office. For all your computer and printer repair needs, contact Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer.

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