Important Things to Do Before Giving Your Kids a New Phone or Tablet

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It’s safe to say that many of today’s kids are more tech-savvy than their parents. This is partially due to daily technology device use in the classroom and partially due to early childhood exposure to phones and tablets.

There are a few things parents need to do before handing a new tablet or phone over to their kids. This post from your trusted local electronic store in Woodward, OK will cover best practices for giving these devices to kids:

  • Purchase a screen protector and quality case: While you’re buying a tablet or phone, be sure to pick up a sturdy case and protective screen cover. A case and screen cover will prevent cracks and other damage from rough handling or drops. This small investment could be the difference between a working device and a destroyed one.
  • Discuss internet safety: It’s crucial that you teach your kids all about the possibility of internet scams and the dangers of talking to strangers online. Reinforcing this information now will keep them safe and set them up for success later in life.
  • Download educational games and apps: Speaking of teaching, there are tons of apps and games that teach different skills in fun ways. Games like Interland even teach digital safety, further educating your kids about the potential pitfalls of the internet. There are also math, science and spelling apps and more that supplement what they’re learning in school.
  • Set a PIN or password: After purchasing devices from local electronic stores in Woodward, OK, it’s a good idea to set up a PIN or password for your child. This ensures nobody but your child can use the device.
  • Turn on filters: Contact your mobile service provider and have them set up filters to block adult content or anything that’s only for ages 18 and up. You can also set up a similar filter on your home wi-fi by yourself.
  • Set screen time limits: Too much screen time likely isn’t too good for your kids’ eyes, and it never hurts to get some fresh air! Discussing screen time limits with your kids might do the trick, but you can ensure your children aren’t spending too much time on their devices by modifying the settings on their new tablet or computer.
  • Stop in-app purchases: Tablets and phones can be expensive enough on their own. The last thing you need is a separate bill for in-app purchases for games. Without blocking in-app purchases, your kids could accidentally rack up a huge bill by simply clicking a few buttons while playing a game.

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