Amazon Echo vs. Google Nest: The Smart Home Showdown

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Smart home devices make it easier to compose grocery lists, check the weather and even lock your home at night. There are more options than ever before, but in some ways that just makes decision-making more difficult. The two leading products on the market are Amazon Echo and Google Nest. To help you better assess the benefits of Amazon Echo or the reasons to buy a Google Nest in Woodward, OK, here are four factors to consider in your decision:

  • Voice assistants: Echo uses Alexa, and Google Nest uses Google Assistant. Both are learning technologies that evolve to your voice and routines in similar ways. However, Google Assistant is better at interpreting natural language, whereas Alexa struggles with syntax. That quirk makes Alexa appear confused, and you need to issue commands precisely to avoid that. Alexa is better at specific tasks, like telling stories to your kids or ordering takeout. If you are mostly interested in controlling smart home devices, like lights or thermostats, either assistant is adequate.
  • Screen size and resolution: If you purchase a hub, you will need to consider the screen. The Echo Show has a larger screen at 10.1 inches and a 1,280×800 pixel resolution. While that sounds impressive, the Nest Hub Max is only 0.1 inches smaller at 10 inches, and offers the same pixel resolution. If you decide on a smaller hub, you will see differences. The Echo Show 5 is 5.5 inches with a pixel resolution of 960×480, while the Nest Hub is slightly larger at seven inches and 1,024×600 pixels. If you plan to use the hub for streaming video, we recommend going for the larger devices.
  • Sound: The Echo Show 10 offers the same specifications as the Amazon Echo speaker: two one-inch tweeters and a three-inch woofer. These features create a full booming sound, and unfortunately, the Nest Hub Max doesn’t measure up to that. The sound quality is positively mediocre, and you will suffer the same situation if you choose the smaller Echo Show 5. But if you do not require surround sound type quality, a smaller Echo or any Nest device will suffice.
  • Camera and video: If you plan on using your device for video chat, the devices show comparable quality. Your deciding factor here is the service you use most frequently for video chat. If you rely primarily on Amazon services, you will require an Echo, and recipients will need to have an Echo in their own home or the Alexa app. Echo also works with Skype. The Nest Hub lacks a camera, but you can accept video calls and respond using voice chat. If you seek video capabilities, choose the Nest Hub Max and set up Google Duo or Google Meet.

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