Staying Current on Windows Updates: What to Expect

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How often does Windows update? That depends on the type of update and your computer’s system. Most Windows updates are automated, so you don’t usually need to know the frequency with which you should check for windows updates in Woodward, OK. That being said, since Windows updates can be time-consuming and need installation during critical work periods, you can plan better if you know when to expect them. Here are six types of Windows updates and when they arise:

  • Windows updates: These include the updates to the operating system. Windows 10 checks for them every day, but that doesn’t mean you need to install updates that frequently. Most days, Windows does not find updates. These updates may include security patches, bug fixes and new features.
  • Definition updates: Windows Security checks for new virus definition updates several times a day. Internet security is a hot issue, and viruses and malware develop quickly. Your antivirus software can’t work unless it is updated to fight the latest in cyber threats. Fortunately, these updates are small and quick, so your computer does not require a reboot. As long as your system is optimized, you will likely not even notice their installation process.
  • Driver updates: Drivers enable hardware like printers, speakers, wi-fi and other computer components. Manufacturers often release new driver versions to accommodate new features in your hardware or fix bugs. There is no set schedule for new drivers, and they only emerge occasionally. However, if you have sudden issues with a printer or other peripheral, check the manufacturer’s website for a new driver, since Windows may not always detect them. Since these updates are often more involved, you will likely have to restart your computer to activate them.
  • Cumulative updates: This is a package deal of updates that arrive once a month, generally on the second Tuesday, also known as Patch Tuesday. On Patch Tuesday, you will encounter multiple updates, including bug and security fixes. The cumulative setup allows you to receive all updates at once without constant interruption. The download and installation time will take longer with cumulative updates, but you can designate the best time for these updates to load. That will keep Patch Tuesday from becoming Unproductive Tuesday!
  • Out-of-band Updates: These updates arise when there is a security emergency. New viruses, data breaches and other cybersecurity events may demand a quick update, and these can appear anytime. If you face an out-of-band update, install it immediately, as that means something threatening occurred.
  • Feature updates: Microsoft releases significant versions of Windows 10 every six months. This update adds new features and improvements to your operating system. Past changes have included new wallpaper options, changes in a menu layout and improved file searches. Microsoft will only send you these updates if they are compatible with your hardware, so don’t panic if it’s late or never arrives. If you install a feature update, expect a long download and installation time.

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