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During these uncertain and stressful months, many people have found themselves working remotely when they might not have expected to. COVID-19 has made it so many people need to have home offices set up who previously did not, and this means more equipment that they did not expect to have around. This equipment can include larger monitors, external hard drives or laser printers in Woodward, OK. Many people take having laser printers for granted at the office, but they can be extremely useful at home as well. Here’s why you might consider looking into investing in one to enhance your work-from-home setup.

Inkjet vs. laser printers

One debate that’s hardly new is that between inkjet and laser printers. Inkjet printers used to be a slam dunk for home computer users thanks to their lower prices. Laser printers also used to only be able to print in black and white (likely a surprise to our younger readers). Over the years, however, the gap between the technologies has closed, and anyone who loves laser printers in Woodward, OK can tell you that these machines have a great appeal to most computer users. They print large quantities in minimal time, and their low cost extends to the ink—their cartridges are far more affordable than refilling and/or replacing the toner cartridges on an inkjet printer.

Advantages of laser printers

The pros of laser printers in Woodward, OK are numerous and diverse. These printers offer a degree of accuracy and precision in their printing that inkjet units can’t always match—this makes them a popular choice for people in professions that rely heavily on showing detail, like landscape architects or lawyers who need to be able to read the fine print.

When it comes to high-volume print jobs, they also can’t be beat—they are much cheaper to run than inkjet printers when it comes to printing at a bigger scale. Finally, their technology means the ink dries extremely quickly, allowing you to grab a freshly-printed document and not have to worry about ink smudging or getting on your hands.

Disadvantages of laser printers

There are some drawbacks to laser printers in Woodward, OK. All of the quality and efficiency described above does come at a price—laser printers are likely to be pricier than their inkjet counterparts. They also pack in more technology, which means they need a larger shell to contain them, potentially costing you valuable desktop space. However, they can pay for themselves in the long run thanks to their lower operating costs.

If your work-life balance has become muddied as you work from home, laser printers in Woodward, OK might be just what the doctor ordered. Not only can you print important items for work, but you can print other vital things like coloring book pages to keep the kids busy while you’re on that big conference call. If you’d like to learn more about our selection of laser printers and other computer accessories, give Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer a call or stop by today—we’d love to help you make the perfect selection for your needs.

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