What’s New to macOS 11?

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Every year, the team at Apple invites the public and the press to an announcement of their newest software and hardware updates. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) serves as the showcase for all the nifty gadgets and tech that Apple will release over the coming year. At this year’s WWDC, one of the standout announcements was the complete list of features coming to Mac’s newest operating system, macOS 11, codenamed Big Sur.

The newest macOS update in Woodward, OK is always greeted with enthusiasm, but Mac’s Big Sur is completely unique. Here are some of the most prominent features.

A whole new aesthetic

In recent years, the Mac design team has focused on making your desktop apps more subtle and less invasive. This year, that philosophy is embodied in a new floating dock and updates to the menu bar at the top of the screen. The goal is to have your desktop image extend to the far reaches of your screen.

Those are just the beginning of the aesthetic revisions new to macOS 11.

A better Safari

Most Apple users know that updates to Apple’s flagship browser, Safari, are always a priority during the WWDC. In 2020, that hasn’t changed. Safari’s newest macOS update in Woodward, OK should make it as much as 50 percent faster than Google Chrome when loading frequently visited pages.

Improved Messages

As powerful as the current version of macOS is, there is one program that trails behind Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Apple’s Messages is considerably less fun on a desktop than it is in the palm of your hand. Big Sur will change that, bringing macOS 11’s Messages up to par with iOS.

Interactive notifications

Apple’s notifications are always helpful. After all, knowing when you’ve got a new email or text will help you stay on top of your daily life. Big Sur will make this even better, empowering users to physically interact with their notifications. You’ll be able to respond to an email in a notification, or check out your calendar events for the day. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Rethink your widgets

One of the most promising, but overlooked aspects of Apple’s macOS are its widgets. These small windows into your favorite programs are getting a facelift in Big Sur. Different sizes and priorities for widgets based on Calendar, Mail and more should make widgets one of the most exciting parts of the newest macOS update.

Embrace the future

The newest macOS Big Sur update in Woodward, OK is designed to be the most user-friendly macOS experience to date. If you haven’t embraced one of the most reliable electronics brands on the planet, maybe it’s time to visit Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer to discover what the buzz is all about.

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