Must-Have Gadgets for Working at Home

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More people than ever before are working from home right now due to the widespread COVID-19 pandemic. For many of these people, working from home is completely new to them, and they were likely fully unprepared for the sudden transition in their work lives.

Several months in, most people have likely settled in at least a little bit better, but for others it takes a longer time to make the necessary adjustments. Part of a smooth transition to working remotely is making sure you have the best gadgets for working at home in Woodward, OK available to you.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the tools and equipment you should make sure you have in your home office or workspace:

  • Comfortable desk chair: If you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time working at home, it’s important to make sure you have a comfortable chair and a desk to sit at. Your kitchen table or your favorite couch or recliner were not meant for the kinds of long hours you need to devote to work each day. The chair is important—don’t skimp on a good desk chair. Your back and shoulders will thank you for putting in the money to get a good-quality piece of furniture.
  • Good internet: Working remotely requires constant internet access, so it’s important to make sure you have a reliable, high-quality connection. You might consider upgrading your internet plan to allow for more streaming and videoconferencing, because you’ll probably be burning through your bandwidth relatively quickly. Make sure all of your equipment is also in good working condition. If you’re still running a router from more than a decade ago, it’s probably time to make an upgrade.
  • Webcam: Unless you are using a laptop or have a desktop monitor with a built-in webcam, you’re going to need a separate webcam to attach to your computer for videoconferencing. You shouldn’t have to spend a whole lot of money on a decent-quality webcam, and they’re very easy to set up and install. Most will just plug into a USB drive on your computer.
  • Headphones: We strongly recommend a good, high-quality pair of headphones or earbuds, especially if you’re going to be working from home in an environment where there are other people or potential distractions. This will allow you to stay focused on your work and prevent other people in your home from having to hear your videoconferences and calls.
  • Proper lighting: Dimly-lit spaces can result in significant eye strain, so it’s a good idea to add some extra lamps that will give you some lighting that’s easier on the eyes.

These are just a few examples of some of the tools and pieces of equipment that will serve you well if you are going to be working from home for an extended period of time. For more information and recommendations about how to work from home in Woodward, OK and the best equipment to stock up on, contact Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer today.

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