Why You Should Always Install Windows Updates

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When you first switch on your computer to browse the internet or check up on your social media pages, there’s nothing more irksome than discovering that there’s an update waiting to be installed. These sometimes-lengthy download processes can stop your work or your fun right in its tracks. It’s understandable that a lot of PC users get in the habit of putting off their updates as long as possible.

That’s a mistake, though. There are several very valid reasons to make sure you stay current with your Windows updates. If you doubt the importance of windows updates in Woodward, OK, here are some compelling reasons to catch up.

Get new features

The software engineers at Microsoft are always working on new features that make your PC experience easier and more fun. In Windows 10, there are several exciting innovations you’ll love:

  • Microsoft users can now go password-free across their accounts.
  • The new software program Magnifier can read text aloud.
  • Emojis are easier to use than ever before.

These are just a few of the new features in Windows 10. Of course, you won’t get access to any of them if you’re not updating your operating system.

Give your PC a fresh look

One of the most enjoyable parts about Windows updates is the changes to your operating system’s aesthetics. For example, some of the latest updates in Windows 10 update your icons with a modern look that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is functional.

Stay safe

The importance of windows updates in Woodward, OK also appears in the updates to your Windows security protocols. Every single day, malicious actors are devising new ways to bypass the security protocols on your computer. Their goal is to access your private information, like your emails, texts and even financial information.

Fortunately, Microsoft employs teams of people whose sole job is to protect your machine. These improvements in security are vital to your online safety, but they aren’t installed automatically. You have to update.

Fix bugs

You don’t need to be a programmer to understand that there are a lot of moving parts in your computer’s operating system. So, it’s somewhat understandable that the people who build your operating system might not iron out all the kinks on the first attempt. Fortunately, there are Windows updates. In addition to providing new features and security advances, Windows updates allow Microsoft’s engineers to fix minor bugs and issues that might have slipped through the cracks leading up to release.

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