How to Improve Your Internet Speed While Working from Home

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One of the many effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that more people than ever before are now working from home. Home internet networks might not be quite as robust as office networks—it might be difficult for your network to handle all the strain associated with constant video conferencing and file uploading.

So, with this in mind, what can you do to make sure your network is up to the task? Here’s a quick selection of tips for boosting your internet speed to work from home in Woodward, OK:

  • Schedule updates and downloads for off times: If you know you have big downloads or updates you need to make to your devices, you should wait until a time of day when internet use in your house is lower, such as at nighttime or in the early morning. You can schedule updates for the middle of the night when everyone in your home is sleeping. With downloads, you can pause them for up to a week, or schedule to resume on a day of your choice (weekends may be ideal). This will help you avoid overloading your network during work hours.
  • Shut off devices not being used: Your computer almost certainly isn’t going to be the only device connected to the internet while you’re working from home. Your phone, tablet, game console or smart TV might all be connected, and could be automatically installing software updates. If there are other internet-connected devices around your home that aren’t being used, consider shutting them off or unplugging them so you can reserve network strength for your work needs.
  • Consider your router: Depending on the kind of router you have, you may have some options to help you focus power to your device. There are some routers that will allow you to determine how internet traffic will be divided among your connected devices, which basically allows you to give priority to certain devices. You could put your computer first if you know you’re going to be using it, and that will help you maintain a connection even when other people are using their devices to stream video or play games. You should also consider the placement of your router. Try putting it somewhere up and off the floor in an unobstructed location. Sure, it doesn’t add much to your décor, but this will help it send its signal out much better.
  • Get a wired connection: Whenever possible, try to work with a wired connection for the device you’ll be using for video calls. Bring out an ethernet cable and make a direct connection between your computer and your router if you don’t have one already—this will reduce the time it takes the signals to go back and forth between the computer and your router.
  • Get a new router: Older routers may not be able to handle the network strain caused by the number of internet-connected devices you have in your home. Consider getting a new, updated one.

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