Why Are People Using Cell Phone Car Mounts in Woodward, OK?

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If you’re like most people, you probably feel like you’re constantly attached to your cell phone. Between making calls, sending texts and checking social media, you just can’t seem to put it down! This little addiction becomes quite the problem when you’re driving and trying to pay attention to the road. Thankfully, cell phone car mounts in Woodward, OK can help. Continue reading to learn why more and more drivers are installing cell phone mounts in their vehicles:

  • Compliance with local laws: Distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving, which is why lawmakers are cracking down on drivers talking on the phone while they’re behind the wheel. Getting caught talking on your phone while driving can result in major fines. Instead, use a cell phone mount and put your calls on speakerphone.
  • Safer driving: Over one million car crashes last year were the result of cell phone use while driving. Keep yourself and everyone else on the road safer by mounting your cell phone. With a cell phone mount, you won’t need to look down at your phone if you need to make an important call.
  • Easier navigation: Using GPS makes getting around town and avoiding traffic a breeze. Always having to look down at the directions actually makes driving harder and leads to the accidents mentioned above. Help make your commute easier and prevent crashes by mounting your phone on your dashboard or windshield. It’s much easier to see the map when it’s right in front of your face!
  • Hands-free music: Playing your favorite songs makes your daily commute a lot more tolerable. You can make listening to music a breeze by mounting your phone and connecting it to your car’s Bluetooth system. When it’s mounted, you can control the songs on your phone by simply pressing a button on your steering wheel.

The best cell phone car mount for your vehicle

As you may know, there are quite a few different models of cell phone car mounts in Woodward, OK on the market. Here are some of the most popular designs:

  • Windshield mount: This simple unit attaches to your front windshield with a suction cup. The mount is easy to move from one place to another, but it may lose its suction ability over time.
  • Dashboard mount: Instead of going on the windshield, this device is placed on your dashboard with the same suction cup. Again, it’s easy to move around, but it may lose its holding power as it gets older.
  • CD-slot mount: Some cars nowadays don’t have CD players, but if yours does, you can buy a cell phone mount that attaches to the CD slot. These units will stay in place without any issues, but depending on your vehicle, they may be placed too low to be effective.

Whether you’re purchasing a cell phone mount to help with navigation or to stay safe behind the wheel, be sure to buy it from Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Dealer. We carry a wide range of cell phone car mounts in Woodward, OK, as well as all of the name-brand phones to go along with them. Come check out our selection today!

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