E-Readers vs. Tablets: A Quick Overview

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It’s happening—more and more people are making the switch to tablets and e-readers in Woodward, OK. Even those stalwart bookworms who swore up and down that they’d never give up their traditional way of reading are finding something to love in the paperless experience.

That said, deciding between a tablet or an e-reader can be much more complicated than it sounds. If you’re struggling over which one to choose, here are some factors to consider.

The basic difference

Though the distinction was harder to make years ago, these days, handheld technology has evolved to an incredible degree. As a result, the chasm between tablets and e-readers is wider than ever before. The latest generation of tablets is essentially small computers. They surf the web, play games and generally offer the PC experience (with some minor limitations).

Electronic readers in Woodward, OK, on the other hand, are designed primarily, as their name would suggest, for reading. They may perform a few other supplementary functions, but they’re not meant to replace or even augment your PC experience.

Limitations don’t have to be a bad thing

Know someone who wants to read more? Hoping to get through more books yourself? You can put books on a tablet, but there are also plenty of other distractions on board, as well.

An e-reader could be just the ticket to supply you with an endless amount of literature without the added distraction that goes hand in hand with using a tablet.

How much do you want to spend?

On average, e-readers tend to be less expensive than even low-market tablets, simply because they have a dedicated design. A top-quality e-reader will set you back about $250, give or take, while $250 is the starting price for even a stripped-down tablet.

Size matters

Though tablets come in all shapes and sizes, they still tend to skew larger than e-readers. As a result, e-readers tend to be lighter and easier to hold aloft for longer periods. Tablets, meanwhile, are often created with performance in mind. Performance requires components, and components add weight. Be prepared—holding that tablet for any length of time may test your muscles.

Battery life is a factor

All the flash and pizzazz you’ll get with a modern tablet comes with a cost: battery life. Top-of-the-line tablets have batteries that can last as long as 10 to 12 hours. That sounds impressive, and it is—until you consider that e-readers can go days at a time without being recharged.

If you’re planning to purchase a tablet for the bells and whistles, but you plan on using it primarily for reading, you might want to rethink that plan.

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