Can I Use Regular Speakers for Outdoor Sound?

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If you’re looking at installing a sound system outside in an area like a deck or patio where you frequently entertain friends and family, you might be wondering how that will affect your speaker selection. Sure, some people will simply bring a portable Bluetooth speaker outside when they have company, and that will work just fine for plenty of people. But if you’re looking for something more permanent, you’ll need to do a bit more research. Generally speaking, indoor speakers are not designed for extended outdoor use, and could suffer some damage if you use them in the elements on a regular basis.

Here are a few factors to take into consideration when installing outdoor sound systems in Woodward, OK.

Sound quality

You’re going to want music that actually sounds good, right? Sound quality should be at the top of the list of issues you consider when looking for speakers that will work outside. Outdoor speakers are specifically designed to be used in open areas, and do not have the subwoofer you’d most typically find with indoor speakers.

As such, outdoor speakers often have balances that are more likely to favor treble frequencies, which allows them to also be used as intercoms or PAs. Even speakers that give you excellent sound quality indoors will not give you great sound outdoors, because they have not been designed for use in those spaces.


Obviously, if your speakers are going to live outside, then you need to be sure they’re capable of standing up to the outdoor elements over long periods of time. The speakers should be made with waterproof boxes—typically hard plastic or metal capable of resisting rain and dirt. Indoor speakers are generally not made with materials that resist these elements.

The components inside the speaker should also be properly weatherproofed and capable of holding up to exposure to the elements. Indoor speakers are often made with paper cones (or other cheaper materials), while outdoor speakers favor rubber or Kevlar cones to protect them against the weather. If you let your indoor speakers sit outside in the rain, expect permanent damage.


Indoor speakers are frequently either not mounted at all or are mounted on stands, while outdoor speakers often come with special brackets that allow you to mount the speakers on a wall. Depending on the material in which you’re looking to mount the speakers, you may need to find your own screws.


Remember that indoor and outdoor speakers are designed to deliver sound in different ways based on the spaces in which they operate. It should come as no surprise, then, that outdoor speakers are delivering much greater volume, because they’re designed to project the sound across much larger spaces. Indoor speakers when used outside would likely have nowhere near the same volume capacity, even though they do produce a richer sound.

For more information about why you should look for outdoor-specific sound systems in Woodward, OK for your outdoor needs, contact Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer today.

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