Tornado Season Is Here: Visit Electronic Stores in Woodward, OK for All the Upgrades You Need

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Anyone who’s lived in Oklahoma is well aware that April and May are the times of year where there is a higher than average rate of tornado appearances throughout the state. Not just that, but Oklahoma experiences more tornadoes on average per year than any other state in the country, and we’ve hit peak season.

Basically, when it comes to tornado preparedness, your philosophy should not be so much about ensuring you are ready if a tornado strikes, but when a tornado strikes. And a big part of your preparedness should include an upgraded weather radio.

Here’s some information about NOAA weather radios from our electronic stores in Woodward, OK.

About NOAA radios

A NOAA weather radio is a device that connects to an automated round-the-clock network of weather radio stations in the United States that broadcast information sent directly from nearby National Weather Service offices. Programming on these radios includes weather forecasts (both local and regional), briefings of weather events in the area, climate summaries and other types of weather-related programming.

When severe weather conditions arise, you can expect more specialized types of programming, including hazardous weather outlooks, special weather statements and short-term forecasts. There may also be non-weather-related broadcasts, such as natural disaster information, national and public safety and security statements and environmental alerts.

You can find weather radios online, as well as in retail stores in areas like Oklahoma that see a lot of severe weather incidents (think areas likely to be affected by tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes). They’re especially common here in tornado alley—no household should be without a weather radio.

How do you know what you need to be looking for when it comes to purchasing a weather radio? There are several types of receivers you’ll find on the market. All of them will give you access to the programming you need, but the technology varies slightly, and can be more sophisticated in some of the options.

For example, there are professional-grade receivers that are typically used by television and radio stations, as well as by public agencies responsible for transmitting alert broadcasts. Obviously, the average consumer will not have much use for such a technologically sophisticated device. There are also handheld battery-powered radios that are frequently used by hikers and boaters, as well as hand-crank portable radios that do not require battery or electrical power, making them ideal for emergency preparedness kits. If the device will just be sitting in your home, you can purchase a base station consumer radio that you plug into your electricity, and that has a battery backup so you can easily take it with you or continue hearing updates if your home loses power.

For more information about purchasing a weather radio from our electronic stores in Woodward, OK, we encourage you to contact Devine’s Electronics today. We carry a variety of options and have the knowledge and expertise required to provide you with a recommendation that will be appropriate for your situation. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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