Equipment Beginner Guitarists Must Have, Part I: Acoustics

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Learning how to play guitar is a fun way to pick up a new skill, kill some time and develop a deeper appreciation for music. While many people assume that learning to play an instrument is an expensive, demanding hobby, the fact of the matter is that you can pick up the guitar with relative ease and very little investment.

While professional lessons are obviously the best way to learn to play guitar, there are a number of free online videos and tutorial series that you can use to pick up the basics and teach yourself. When learning on an acoustic guitar, there are very few tools that you’ll need beside the guitar itself!

Visiting your friendly local guitar store in Woodward, OK is the best way to see exactly what you’ll need to purchase to begin your musical journey. A staff member will help you find a guitar and accessories that are in line with your playing ability and your goals.

Here are just some of the things that you’ll need to get started with playing the acoustic guitar:

  • Guitar: First, you’ll need to pick out an acoustic guitar. There are guitars for every budget, and a number of affordable guitars are capable of producing a great sound when played correctly. Be sure to talk about your budget and your musical goals when looking for a guitar that’s right for you.
  • Picks: There are even more types of picks than there are guitars. Picks vary in material type and thickness—different levels of thickness and material produce drastically different effects. Be sure to talk about the type of music you’d like to play when choosing a pick, but also remember that midweight picks are usually best for beginners.
  • Tuner: A tuner is an electronic device the measures the pitch of each string and helps you tune it correctly. Don’t be fooled—the tuning app on your smart phone won’t be sufficient to accurately tune your guitar.
  • Metronome: This helps you keep time, which is essential when you’re first learning guitar. There are several different types of metronomes available, but programmable electronic metronomes are a valuable investment for beginning guitarists looking for a way to improve their playing.
  • Strap: Even if you’re not planning to play standing up, you should still use a strap to protect your guitar. It provides you with an extra level of security in case the guitar leaves your lap for any reason.
  • Extra strings: Investing in extra strings is essential. You never know when one is going to break, so you should have an extra set of strings on hand at all times.

Since 2006, Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer has been a trusted guitar store in Woodward, OK. We’re proud to provide each of our clients with high-quality electronics and musical instruments. Regardless of your playing ability or budget, we’ll have a guitar and accessories that you can count on. Reach out to one of our friendly, professional representatives to learn more about the best type of acoustic guitar gear that you can use to advance your playing.

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