Common Laser Printer Problems

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Laser printers are excellent pieces of machinery for home and business use. Unfortunately, though, they are like all technology in that they don’t always work the way we need them to.

Laser printers in Woodward, OK may develop one or more problems that make them frustrating or even impossible to use. If your printer is acting up, look for these common problems and follow the steps to fix them.

Paper jams

Paper jams are an unfortunate side effect of printing with any printer, but laser printers tend to experience this problem often. Paper jams are almost always the result of a dirty printer interior. Dust and dirt can interrupt the normal printing process and skew the paper inside. Thoroughly clean your printer using cotton swabs and a clean, dry cloth.

If the printer is clean but still jamming your paper, double check that your paper is appropriately weighted, so the printer can process the paper correctly, then check the rollers and interior parts to make sure nothing is worn down and in need of replacement.

Toner is smearing

If your laser printer is constantly producing messy, smudged or smeared documents, there’s likely an issue with the toner cartridge that is causing the toner to faultily adhere to the page.

The problem typically lies with a defective toner cartridge. Replace the cartridge with a new one to see if the smearing problem stops.

If that doesn’t work, the fuser assembly might be at fault. This problem will likely need to be examined by a professional, so visit a shop that offers printer repair in Woodward, OK.

Print looks fuzzy

If your printed sheet has a fuzzy or unclean appearance to it, the problem most likely lies with the paper, not the printer. Make sure your paper is clean and dry so there is no moisture that could cause toner to bleed. Replace the paper in the tray with new paper and try printing again.

Ink looks faded

Sometimes, the pages you print will look faded and old when they should be bright or saturated. The first step to fixing this problem is to check and replace the toner cartridge, since the toner might be low or the cartridge might be defective.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, check the settings on your printer to see if an ink-saving mode has been activated or the printing density was turned down low.

Printer won’t connect to network or print

If you’re pressing “print” on your computer over and over but your printer just won’t produce your document, it might not be connected properly. Double check that the cord is plugged in or that your computer and printer are wirelessly connected to the same network.

If that doesn’t work, try resetting the printer and double checking that the latest software and drivers have been installed. Outdated drivers might cause a problem with linking the computer and the printer.

Contact a professional for printer repair in Woodward, OK

If your laser printer just won’t work correctly, visit Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer. We sell home and commercial laser printers in Woodward, OK, and our experts can also assist you with printer repair to get your machine back up and running like new.

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