Flip No More: An Introduction to the New USB-C and Other USB Chargers

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It seems like every month some new technological device takes the stage and wows all audiences with its new features. This is an amazing part of life in the 21st century, but it also can be frustrating to navigate all the changes happening so quickly. One piece of technology that’s seen a lot of growth over the past few years is your simple phone charger.

If you’re confused just looking through the wide selection of phone accessories in Woodward, OK, read on to get a quick primer on the different chargers available in the market. Keep in mind that Apple products’ chargers are not compatible with other brands, and vice versa, though this is starting to change a bit with the USB-C:

  • Mini-USB: These are no longer very popular, but some phones—especially older flip phones—still use them. The mini-USB port is generally more durable than others, which has kept it in the game for devices like digital cameras even as other cords have become more popular.
  • Micro-USB: There are both micro-A and micro-B USB connectors available, though most smartphones use the micro-B model. No matter which model your phone uses, this particular charging cord has long been the industry standard for non-Apple products worldwide. You probably have several of them throughout your house right now.
  • USB-C: The newest and most exciting change to charging cords is the USB-C. What makes it so great? Well, the biggest feature people rave about is that the port has no “up” or “down” direction. It’s the same on both sides, which alleviates the annoyance of having to try to plug in the cord multiple times. But USB-C’s benefits go far beyond this. On top of acting as a charging cord, it will allow users to transfer data and videos through the cord very quickly. It also allows you to charge additional devices from the phone’s battery, acting as a reversible power supply cord.
  • Apple: As most people probably know, Apple has been the one brand in the industry that has held fast to its own charging systems, most popularly the Lightning cord and port. This means a lot of the popular chargers are not compatible with Apple products unless you use an adapter. However, it seems that Apple is opening up a bit, as the company included a USB-C port on the newest iPad Pro.

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