Three Signs Your Computer Needs More Memory

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A busy professional with a to-do list longer than an Oklahoman mile doesn’t have time to sit and wait for a slow computer to process. Your computer store in Woodward, OK can help diagnose exactly what the problem is. Perhaps you simply need to add some more memory to your PC. Check these three signs to see if it’s time to add more memory to your computer.

Programs Take Too Long to Load and Files Don’t Open Immediately

When you click on the web browser icon (or any icon), your computer should respond in an instant to launch the program. If there is even a slight delay, this tells you that your operating system is using up too much memory. In the same manner, files should open right away. There shouldn’t be a second or two delay to pull up a PDF or DOC.

Your Computer is Using 80 Percent or More of Its Memory

You may receive a memory error message. This means you ought to check the percentage of memory that is being used:

  • On a Windows PC, check the percentage in the Task Manager.
  • On a Mac, check the percentage in the Activity Monitor.

If you see that 80 percent or more of the memory is being used, read this as a sign that you need more memory. Keep in mind that the more programs you have running at the same time, the more memory your computer will be using. It’s better to test when you turn on your computer to get the base usage level, and then test again once you start adding programs.

You Are Unable to Use More Than One Program at the Same Time

Your computer is designed to use multiple programs at once. Only if you are using a very resource intensive program should you notice a serious loss of performance. An example of this might be a graphical suite or an animation program. For the programs that a typical user would be operating, such as a word processor, web browser or a spreadsheet, there should be no issues with operating all of them at the same time with no loss of performance. If you experience these programs freezing up or performing at very slow speeds, that is a sign that you need more memory.

Adding Memory

The good news is that memory is relatively easy to add to a computer. What most computers use as memory is called RAM (random access memory). It’s the part of your computer that temporarily stores data so that it can access it quickly. It is separate from the hard drive. RAM comes in the form of chips that are mounted on long strips attached to the motherboard. These long strips are called DIMMs, and they can be easily removed and swapped to improve your computer’s performance.

Find Useful Computer Solutions in Woodward, OK

For help in diagnosing any issues with your computer and improving your computer’s speed, it’s always best to consult with a professional at your local computer store. A professional can recommend exactly how much RAM you will need to achieve the results you are looking for. With over a decade of experience, your trusted computer store in Woodward, OK, is Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer. Give us a call today to see how we can make your computer perform like a well-oiled machine.

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