What Is a Cell Phone Signal Booster, and How Does It Work?

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There’s nothing more frustrating than dropping an important call. In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you have a strong, dependable link to your cell phone network of choice.

Sometimes, cell phone signals can be uncharacteristically weak in large, urban areas thanks to an overabundance of signals, and tall, signal-blocking buildings. Conversely, if you live or work in a rural area, you may be going too far from the nearest cell phone tower and routinely dropping calls or experiencing painfully slow data speeds.

Whatever the reason may be for your spotty reception, you may want to consider investing in a cell phone signal booster. These devices, which can be obtained from an electronics store in Woodward, OK, allow you to maximize the reach of your cell phone signal by “repeating” it. This drastically extends the range of your cell phone, and increases the quality of calls and data speeds.

Types of boosters

There are two primary types of signal boosters commercially available: analog signal boosters and smart signal boosters.

Most commercially available signal boosters are analog repeaters. These models, which often require some type of hardware installation, generally consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor antenna apparatus. These boosters, commonly referred to as bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs), are ideally suited to amplify both cell phone and two-way radio signals.

Smart signal boosters, on the other hand, use an all-digital bandwidth processor that effectively boosts even the smallest cellular signal. Smart signal boosters are substantially more expensive than traditional analog boosters, but they offer far superior quality and performance. Additionally, there’s no need to install an exterior antenna with a smart signal booster.

Benefits of boosters

The most noticeable and sought-after benefit of a cell phone booster is that it helps you avoid dropping calls, and allows you to maintain strong connections to your cellular network of choice. Here are just a few of the benefits associated with cell phone boosters:

  • Improves data speeds: If you’re struggling to send messages, stream music or conduct research on your phone, investing in a signal booster may help.
  • Widens reception: Cell phone boosters allow you to expand the range of coverage in and around your home. You can say goodbye to the laundry room dead zone!
  • Maintains quality connection: You shouldn’t have to suffer through crinkly, uncertain cellular connections. Boosters negate this frustrating experience.

Investing in a cell phone repeater can help you reap the best possible return on your investment in cell phone service. To learn more about ways that this technology can benefit you, visit an electronics store in Woodward, OK.

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