Why It’s Important to Back Up Your Computer Files

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Whether you primarily use a computer for work or personal purposes, chances are it holds a whole lot of files that you would hate to lose. This makes it important to back those files up—if your computer should get damaged, stolen or otherwise compromised, it gives you a lot of peace of mind to know you have another copy of those files in storage.

Remember: the entire point of a backup is to have a copy of the file in at least two separate locations. It does not help you at all to put a file in your backup location and then delete the original from your computer—the whole point is to have two copies of the file so if you lose one, you still have the other.

Here are some tips from a computer store in Woodward, OK to consider about backing up your files.

What should you back up?

There aren’t any strict rules about the files you absolutely need to back up. The files that are most important vary from person to person. The general rule is that anything you don’t want to lose should be backed up just in case something happens to your computer.

Some of the most common examples of files that get backed up include:

  • Photos, videos, music and other media files
  • Any important software you either purchased or downloaded for free from the internet
  • Important documents related to school or office work
  • Personal files you don’t want to lose, such as your personal writing, journaling, contact information, budgets, etc.
  • Save files for the games you play

You can back up as little or as much as you want, but it’s better to err on the side of backing up too much if you have the space for it. Remember: no matter how hard you work to keep your computer safe, an accident can happen at just about any time. It could come in the form of a spilled drink, you could have a piece of hardware that suddenly stops working or your computer could be suddenly crippled by a virus.

How should I back up my files?

There are several methods you can use to back up your files. These include:

  • Local backups: Create a copy of your important files on an external drive or another computer. There are lots of programs available that will help you complete these backups, some of which are already present on your operating system. The extra security here is beneficial, as only a person with access to the physical drive can access the backed-up files.
  • Online backups: Cloud storage systems are available and provide you with a lot of space to create online backups of your files, which you can then access from anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • System imaging: System imaging creates an image of everything on your computer. You should only attempt to do this if your computer is working properly. It creates a complete backup of your system you can use to restore your computer if something ever goes wrong.

For more information about the importance of backing up your files, contact a computer store in Woodward, OK today.

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