Spring Cleaning Can Apply to Your Computer, Too

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When most people hear the phrase “spring cleaning,” they might think of dusting bookshelves or finally cleaning the tile in the bathroom, but you can apply some of your spring cleaning efforts to taking care of your electronic devices as well. Even though your computer likely isn’t in need of actual scrubbing, there are things that you can do de-clutter your PC and clean it up, both inside and out. By doing this, you can boost its speed, make it easier to navigate, avoid the need for extensive computer repair in Woodward, OK and improve its longevity and reliability:

  • Purge excess data: Anytime you download anything, whether it’s a game, a desktop application, a photo or a document, the data is stored on your computer until it’s deleted. Over time, people can accumulate massive amounts of unnecessary data that noticeably slows down their computer. You should go through files on your computer and delete any of the data that you don’t need anymore. It’s also a good idea to uninstall apps and games that you don’t use. This is also a good opportunity to organize the files and data that you do need into a system that makes sense and is easy to navigate.
  • Choose a virus detection program: Without some sort of program to detect viruses, major threats to your computer’s security may go unnoticed. Make sure you select a program that’s reputable and verified and run a scan of your system.
  • Tidy up extensions and browsing data: Your browser stores data and extensions until you delete them, and all of this information can cause major lags in performance and speed. Open up your browser and navigate to your settings. You should be able to see the extensions that you have downloaded and delete those that you don’t need or use anymore. Take a little time to clear your cookies and browsing data to boost speed even more.
  • Protect your important files: Since you never know when something might happen that renders your computer useless or inaccessible, it’s critical that you have your important files and documents backed up somewhere safe. Files that you need but don’t access often, like tax documentation or family photos, should be stored on an external hard drive. This prevents the loss of important data in the event that your computer crashes, is stolen or is infected with malware that renders it unusable.
  • Fight germs: Unsurprisingly, the constant contact that you and your family members have with your computer can lead to a significant accumulation of germs and bacteria on its surfaces. Use sanitizing wipes to wipe down your keyboard and mouse to prevent the spread of germs and illness.

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