What’s Best for Backup: A Hard Drive, or Cloud Storage?

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If you have a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or other mobile device, you’ve probably looked into how to protect your digital information. But what is the best way to back up your data? Should you choose to use an external hard drive, or take advantage of cloud storage? Let’s get some insight from an established computer store in Woodward, OK.

First, let’s take a look at some of the benefits provided by cloud storage:

  • Offers offsite protection: Choosing to utilize cloud services—such as Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud—means that all your uploaded and stored data is better protected against local threats. In the cloud, your photos and documents are safe from destruction by fire, flood or another natural disaster, as well as power surges and computer viruses. The cloud also protects against theft. Should your laptop get stolen, your external hard drive (if nearby) may be taken, too.
  • Easy access: When you back up all your important data through a cloud service, you’ll have access to it from anywhere, just as long as there’s an internet connection on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Make sure to download to your mobile devices the apps associated with the cloud service you choose. This will make it a whole lot easier to download or upload media and document files when you’re on the go.
  • Sharing made simple: Do you like sharing photos and other types of files with family and friends? Are you emailing a ton of new files to them all the time? With cloud storage, you can stop overloading their emails! Instead of emailing large photos or long videos, you simply store them in the cloud and send off a link to the recipient to download and view. It’s convenient and quite simple to use.

Employing a hard drive also provides some key advantages that may make it worth considering over cloud storage:

  • Provides offline storage: Cloud storage is fantastic—that is, unless you find yourself without an internet connection. Cloud services are based online, so you cannot get into your account if you don’t have the internet or if the internet goes down. To always have your data available, you might be better off using an external hard drive.
  • Data safety: Cloud services may be good at protecting your data from local threats like fires and natural disasters, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t hack into your account or guess your password to gain access to your stored data. Also, are you using a trustworthy cloud storage provider? With a hard drive, you can store the unit in a safe place away from prying eyes and criminals.
  • Easy backup: Some cloud services offer an auto-backup feature, while more and more hard drives come with software that performs one-click or scheduled backups of all your important personal or business files. Some hard drives even automatically backup quickly—just plug it into your computer and let it do its thing!

Now that you know some of what cloud storage and hard drives have to offer, which do you think is the best option for you? For more information or to check out computer accessories, visit Devine’s Electronics Authorized Radio Shack Dealer. We are proud to be your one-stop computer store in Woodward, OK!

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