Tips on How to Secure Your Home Computer

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The importance of observing proper cyber security protocols cannot be overstated enough. As technology continues to advance, people are living their lives in the digital sphere more and more with each passing day. If you aren’t concerned about the integrity of your personal data, you should be! Learning how you can protect your privacy, banking information and other information is an essential part of being a responsible digital citizen. If you are having trouble identifying the best way to safeguard your data, you should consult an expert in computer repair in Woodward, OK.

Here are just some of the ways that you can keep your home computer safe and secure from hackers and would-be identity thieves:

  • Don’t open suspicious emails: Some of the most destructive and high profile computer viruses of the past year were spread through unsuspecting emails. If you receive an unsolicited email, even if it’s from a colleague, you should proceed with caution. Never open an attachment, unless you were expecting it.
  • Use a firewall: You should always keep your home’s network protected with a firewall. Firewalls establish a digital barrier between your computer and the outside internet. Firewalls are available both as pieces of hardware or as software programs, depending on the type of firewall you think you may need.
  • Keep your computer up to date: When a virus goes around, computer software manufacturers are typically quick to release a patch that protects their systems from that particular virus. Ensure that your computer is immunized against the effects of the most current viruses by regularly updating your operating system and security software!
  • Only use reputable antivirus software: Beware of bogus antivirus scam-ware. If you are having trouble identifying an antivirus program that’s right for your computer and your lifestyle, you should consult with an expert in computer repair in Woodward, OK. Talking with a professional is the best way to find a suitable solution.
  • Be wary of typing personal information: Be careful of where and when you share personal information online. For instance, if a site is asking for you to enter a credit card number or your Social Security number, you should double check to ensure that the site is completely legitimate before providing them with any information.
  • Maintain strong passwords: You should use a diverse and complex string of passwords for all of your computing needs. You should also ensure that no two passwords are exactly alike, and remember to change your passwords at least once a quarter. Strong passwords can save you a substantial amount of headache in the long run.

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